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2016 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Schedule
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Match #DateDayTimeHost TeamVsGuest TeamVenueUmpireUmpireScorer
1Apr 23, 2016Saturday8:00 amJaguarsVsWHACKERSLower Field, HarrisburgDCCHBG UnistHBG Unist
2Apr 23, 2016Saturday9:45 amDCCVsHBG UnistLower Field, HarrisburgKhiladiWHACKERSJaguars
3Apr 23, 2016Saturday11:30 amTeam RockersVsUCCLower Field, HarrisburgLAGAANKhiladiJaguars
4Apr 23, 2016Saturday1:15 pmLAGAANVsKhiladiLower Field, HarrisburgTeam RockersUCCTeam Rockers
5Apr 23, 2016Saturday3:00 pmStrikersVsRising StarsLower Field, HarrisburgHCCHACCHACC
6Apr 23, 2016Saturday4:45 pmHCCVsHACCLower Field, HarrisburgRising StarsRising StarsStrikers
7Apr 24, 2016Sunday8:00 amChallengersVsFCCLower Field, HarrisburgCRICK-ITPanthersPanthers
8Apr 24, 2016Sunday9:45 amCRICK-ITVsPanthersLower Field, HarrisburgFCCChallengersFCC
9Apr 24, 2016Sunday11:30 amJaguarsVsDCCLower Field, HarrisburgTeam RockersLAGAANLAGAAN
10Apr 24, 2016Sunday1:15 pmTeam RockersVsLAGAANLower Field, HarrisburgDCCJaguarsDCC
11Apr 24, 2016Sunday3:00 pmStrikersVsHCCLower Field, HarrisburgFCCCRICK-ITCRICK-IT
12Apr 30, 2016Saturday8:00 amFCCVsCRICK-ITLower Field, HarrisburgStrikersHCCHCC
13Apr 30, 2016Saturday9:45 amPanthersVsChallengersLower Field, HarrisburgRising StarsHACCRising Stars
14Apr 30, 2016Saturday11:30 amHACCVsRising StarsLower Field, HarrisburgChallengersPanthersChallengers
15Apr 30, 2016Saturday1:15 pmKhiladiVsUCCLower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERSHBG UnistWHACKERS
16Apr 30, 2016Saturday3:00 pmHBG UnistVsWHACKERSLower Field, HarrisburgUCCKhiladiUCC
17May 01, 2016Sunday9:00 amTBDVsTBDLower Field, HarrisburgTBDTBDTBD
18May 01, 2016Sunday11:00 amTBDVsTBDLower Field, HarrisburgTBDTBDTBD
19May 01, 2016Sunday2:00 pmTBDVsTBDLower Field, HarrisburgTBDTBDTBD

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