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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to play a game in PAUCA ?

You need to first register on the pauca.com. Make sure you select 'Yes' in the option for 'Cricketer ?'. You will be assigned with an id, PAUCA Id. This id will be your identity with PAUCA for life time. Once you are successfully registered, login to your account and then 'Select team' of your choice. You may find information about all the teams registered for the current season on League/Teams page. Once you select the team, the captain of the selected team needs to 'Accept' you in his team. Once he accepts, you can play any game on behalf of that team.

Forgot my username

Click on 'Forgot password' link on the login window. It asks you to enter either username OR your PAUCA Id. An email containing your username and reset password is sent to your email account on the records. If you do not know your PAUCA Id, go to League/Find PAUCA Id and search for your name.

Forgot my password.

Please read the instructions for 'Forgot my username'.

How to get certified for officiating ?

If you are not certified, you will see a link 'Online Certification Test' on 'My PAUCA' page, after you login. Please take that test. Upon passing it successfully, you will be automatically certified and allowed to officiate in any game for which your team is responsible for.

I do not see link for online certification after I login

If you are already certified and your certificate expiry date is more than 3 months away, you will not see the link.

I cannot load my photograph

Please make sure your photograph is in 'jpg' format. It is advisable to have your front faced photograph with 200 x 200 pixels or in the same aspect ratio. If you cannot load it for some reason, send it to webmaster@pauca.com.

I want to verify a rule of PAUCA. Who should I contact to.

Please write to the pauca_management@pauca.com

I am supposed to enter the scoresheet for which I scored. How do I do that ?

Your captain should have assigned you the task by 'Assign task' for that particular match. Once he does that, login to your account on the website. Then 'Accept task' and 'Enter score card' to enter the scoresheet.

How do I offer myself to officiate ?

If you are certified, you will see a link 'Officiate' on 'My PAUCA' page, after you login to your account. Register yourself by clicking that link. Your name will appear on the 'Officiating Offers' section on the website. You will be paid for officiating the games.

What is Availability Report ? How is it useful ?

Availability Report is a facility to help the captains know about who in his own team is available to play for the forthcoming matches. It has nothing to do with the PAUCA Management. The team members can mark their availability in 'Enter availability' option after they login.

How do I get to the PAUCA Forums ? How do I register on the forums ? How can I login ?

Click on League/PAUCA Forums to go to the PAUCA Forums. You cannot register on the forum page. You have to register on pauca.com. You can login to the forum page using your pauca.com username and password.


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