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2011 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Team Performers
United Cricket Club
PaucaIDNameGamesInningsRunsFoursSixsNotOutsWicketsCatchesRun OutsPoints
646Harsimran Singh9986601103290
45Anzar Qazi7416002122166
42Swaminathan Rajamani9821200131064
667Malli Tangella875211392063
118Afrid Irani8813190002058
44Srinivas Chaganti883911175050
490Vijay Rao662000350044
557Tarang Pandya985200042338
119Ashok Vichare556840003034
286Taral Patel888131001032
647Manpreet Brar661200109021
516Tasnif Rehman332710005019
360Trushar Patel21000130014
178Tanveer Memon4330010309
366Mirag Shah32180001008
608Rohan Gune3120000102
377Satish Arasegowda1140000001
669Wajih Ahmed1120000000

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