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2011 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Team Performers
PaucaIDNameGamesInningsRunsFoursSixsNotOutsWicketsCatchesRun OutsPoints
392Mahipal Shekhawat10720302184196
70Arif Khan10101481050010191
351Asad Ali1049003184084
75Abid Khan1075741296078
397Rachit Anand5511001125067
390Rashid Ali1098211335156
472Vimal Bhargava10104220062140
352Ghazi Wasi1092410174040
353Atif Shabbir994610027033
327Tejas Patel11500032023
391Majid Ali107600200616
427Rinkesh Patel541400203014
589Aqib Khan4110000204
695Salman Salman3350010104
533Praveen Ravi10000102
573Numair Mukhtar100000000
572Hussam Ali2110000000

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