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2011 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Team Performers
Harrisburg Area Cricket Club
PaucaIDNameGamesInningsRunsFoursSixsNotOutsWicketsCatchesRun OutsPoints
83Akash Patel992198521660182
151Krutarth Mehta7613812221230122
104Ankit Shah8893431027097
21Nilesh Patel9773522112083
89Divyang - DK Patel6535201114064
87Jay Patel8420100112156
152Apurva Bidja767191212147
82Alpesh Patel875510063044
86Rakesh Gajera974621143144
649Mayur Patel221410032124
81Prajay Patel444123100023
80Devang Patel321610120015
252Biren Patel54900021012
105Paresh Patel431710002010
297Rutul Amin3100010206
88Raj Patel2270000104
663Kunj Patel4120000114
471Parag Patel3200010104

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