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2010 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Team Performers
PaucaIDNameGamesInningsRunsFoursSixsNotOutsWicketsCatchesRun OutsPoints
416Akash Patel11121571030970107
75Abid Khan99452101510196
392Mahipal Shekhawat101077700152188
353Atif Shabbir10107120199282
397Rachit Anand997782255581
351Asad Ali1082810350237
352Ghazi Wasi10103730021123
428Mehul Patel10103810201222
393Zahid Khan96400405120
391Majid Ali992500101011
427Rinkesh Patel882000101010
472Vimal Bhargava1190000003
419Dharampal Shekhwat1100000102
358Ghalib Khan2220010002
354Hamza Swati100000000
390Rashid Ali1100000000
355Yusuf Kaif1100000000

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