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Top Run Scores
Top Run Scores
All matches, PAUCA 14-May-2006 to 06-Aug-2006
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Runs
1 Raj Sundara CCC 21-May-2006 FCC LINGLE PARK 50
2 Tariq Gilani Lancaster Lightn 25-Jun-2006 HCC LINGLE PARK 48*
3 Vicky DESIBOYZ 23-Jul-2006 UCC LINGLE PARK 41
4 Rohit CCC 15-Jul-2006 YCC VETERAN'S PARK 40
5 Muthu HCC 16-Jul-2006 DESIBOYZ VETERAN'S PARK 40
6 Nilesh HACC 05-Aug-2006 UCC VETERAN'S PARK 40
7 Siddh LAGAAN 29-Jul-2006 FCC VETERAN'S PARK 39
9 Muthu HCC 22-Jul-2006 FCC LINGLE PARK 38
10 Bhavin LAGAAN 08-Jul-2006 LL VETERAN'S PARK 37
11 Adnan DESIBOYZ 16-Jul-2006 HCC VETERAN'S PARK 37
12 Akash HACC 16-Jul-2006 LAGAAN VETERAN'S PARK 37
13 Prajay HACC 21-May-2006 DESIBOYZ VETERAN'S PARK 34*
14 Parag LAGAAN 05-Jun-2006 HCC VETERAN'S PARK 34
15 Srini UCC 23-Jul-2006 DESIBOYZ LINGLE PARK 33*
16 Manish Lancaster Lightn 23-Jul-2006 HACC VETERAN'S PARK 33*
17 Rajdeep YCC 30-Jul-2006 UCC VETERAN'S PARK 33*
18 Nilesh HACC 09-Jul-2006 FCC VETERAN'S PARK 33
19 Bhavin LAGAAN 22-Jul-2006 CCC VETERAN'S PARK 33
20 Senthil FCC 21-May-2006 CCC LINGLE PARK 32*

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