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2012 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Team Performers
York Cricket Club
PaucaIDNameGamesInningsRunsFoursSixsNotOutsWicketsCatchesRun OutsPoints
60Manish Patel12111218352040153
138Ashok Rajagopal1211481031760102
57Prashant Patel9859420013564
96Kapil Gami7538101101161
628Rajesh Devineni8636100104059
629Vishal Jain886020067159
98Kushagra Dave12129781042058
54Anand Patel989545104055
526Sukhdeep Mahil1197442235155
135Snehal Patel551210142027
99Naresh Trilok641600033127
91Rajdeep Bhangu772500222124
331Biren Patel64300003212
102Kirit Dalal2100002109
271Aravind Doddapaneni3390020108
100Srikant Singh72140000016
761Gholam Arif3220010104
156Atul Andharia1130010003
51Tariq Gilani100000102
819Nimesh Patel1110010000
760Amit Anana1100000000

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