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2012 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Scores
No.DateTimeVenueMatchupResultMan of Match
12012-05-0509:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs HersheyHershey Won by 6 WicketsSriram Shanmugavelandy
22012-05-0512:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKeystoneBoyz Vs KingsXIKingsXI Won by 77 RunsAsgar Rizwan
32012-05-0515:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs YCCWHACKERS Won by 11 RunsPrashant Karthik
42012-05-0609:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs LAGAANDesiboyz Won by 5 WicketsAli Raza
52012-05-0612:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 72 RunsGunjan Patel
62012-05-0615:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs HACCChallengers Won by 3 RunsJagadeesh Burgula
72012-05-1209:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 35 RunsAtif Shabbir
82012-05-1212:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs UCCKingsXI Won by 7 WicketsArif Khan
92012-05-1215:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs HersheyHACC Won by 34 RunsAkash Patel
102012-05-1309:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKeystoneBoyz Vs HCCHCC Won by 67 RunsJuzer Rangoonwala
112012-05-1312:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 11 RunsKeshav Dubey
122012-05-1315:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs YCCDesiboyz Won by 21 RunsAli Raza
132012-05-1909:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs HCCHCC Won by 1 RunsSunil Sharma
142012-05-1912:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs KeystoneBoyzFCC Won by 6 WicketsPrajnamaya Debadutta
152012-05-1915:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs YCCLAGAAN Won by 5 WicketsTejas Patel
162012-05-2009:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs KingsXIKingsXI Won by 23 RunsArif Khan
172012-05-2012:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs DesiboyzChallengers Won by 2 WicketsShankar Mettu
182012-05-2015:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs HACCWHACKERS Won by 2 WicketsNarasimha Tallapureddy
192012-06-0215:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs KingsXIYCC Won by 5 WicketsSnehal Patel
202012-06-0209:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs HCCDesiboyz Won by 7 WicketsAli Raza
212012-06-0213:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 10 RunsChandu Kondur
222012-06-0308:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs HersheyLAGAAN Won by 7 WicketsVinod Patel
232012-06-0311:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKeystoneBoyz Vs UCCUCC Won by 105 RunsHarsimran Singh
242012-06-0315:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 1 WicketsKrutarth Mehta
252012-06-0915:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs HCCYCC Won by 5 WicketsKushagra Dave
262012-06-0909:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs FCCFCC Won by 29 RunsSriram Shanmugavelandy
272012-06-0913:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs KingsXIWHACKERS Won by 49 RunsChandu Kondur
282012-06-1008:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs ChallengersLAGAAN Won by 57 RunsDinesh Purohit
292012-06-1011:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKeystoneBoyz Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 4 WicketsVivek Kumar
302012-06-1015:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 7 WicketsAli Raza
312012-06-1615:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs UCCUCC Won by 5 RunsHarsimran Singh
322012-06-1609:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs ChallengersHCC Won by 5 WicketsNidhin Benjamin
332012-06-1613:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs KingsXIFCC Won by 59 RunsSuvendu Baral
342012-06-1708:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 6 WicketsTejas Patel
352012-06-1711:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 6 WicketsVicky Bharwani
362012-06-1715:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs KeystoneBoyzHACC Won by 126 RunsAkash Patel
372012-06-2308:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs ShaheenHershey Won by 4 WicketsKrishna susheel Boyana
382012-06-2311:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs WHACKERSHCC Won by 5 RunsNidhin Benjamin
392012-06-2315:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs FCCFCC Won by 31 RunsKeshav Dubey
402012-06-2408:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 7 WicketsAli Raza
412012-06-2411:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs KeystoneBoyzChallengers Won by 36 RunsShankar Mettu
422012-06-2415:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 20 RunsPritesh Patel
432012-06-3015:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs FCCYCC Won by 4 WicketsManish Patel
442012-06-3009:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs KeystoneBoyzDesiboyz Won by 7 WicketsAli Raza
452012-06-3013:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs ChallengersKingsXI Won by 4 WicketsKp Naidu
462012-07-0108:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs WHACKERSLAGAAN Won by 5 WicketsRaj Patel
472012-07-0111:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 5 WicketsShahaj Vijayan
482012-07-0115:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs HACCHACC Won by 67 RunsAnkit Shah
492012-07-1415:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs ShaheenYCC Won by 7 WicketsAnand Patel
502012-07-1409:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKeystoneBoyz Vs HersheyHershey Won by 6 WicketsKumar Ramasamy
512012-07-1413:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs UCCChallengers Won by 5 WicketsPhani Bommana
522012-07-1508:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs FCCLAGAAN Won by 10 RunsNiraj Patel
532012-07-1511:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 4 WicketsAli Raza
542012-07-1515:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs HACCKingsXI Won by 7 WicketsShahbaz Malik
552012-07-2115:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs ChallengersYCC Won by 2 WicketsManish Patel
562012-07-2109:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs WHACKERSHershey Won by 1 RunsKrishna susheel Boyana
572012-07-2113:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs FCCFCC Won by 8 WicketsKeshav Dubey
582012-07-2208:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 87 RunsNiraj Parekh
592012-07-2211:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs KingsXIHCC Won by 7 WicketsAnanda Prabhu
602012-07-2215:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs HACCHACC Won by 5 WicketsAli Raza
612012-07-2815:00:00Cousler Park, YorkYCC Vs KeystoneBoyzYCC Won by 1 WicketsManish Patel
622012-07-2811:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgDesiboyz Vs FCCNo Result GameMukundan Doraiswamy
632012-07-2815:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgChallengers Vs HersheyChallengers Won by 6 WicketsPrakash Patel
642012-07-2908:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 13 RunsVinod Patel
652012-07-2911:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgUCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 7 WicketsPrashant Karthik
662012-07-2915:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs HCCHACC Won by 31 RunsAkash Patel
672012-08-1815:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgYCC Vs HersheyYCC Won by 5 WicketsManish Patel
682012-08-1915:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs ShaheenKingsXI Won by 8 WicketsShahbaz Malik
692012-08-1811:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 3 RunsAnanda Prabhu
702012-08-0508:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgLAGAAN Vs KeystoneBoyzLAGAAN Won by 86 RunsNilesh Patel
712012-08-1908:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs ChallengersWHACKERS Won by 4 WicketsNarsareddy Vanga
722012-08-1911:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs UCCHACC Won by 47 RunsJay Patel
732012-08-1108:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHershey Vs UCCHershey Won by 32 RunsPrashanth Gokare
742012-08-1111:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgWHACKERS Vs KeystoneBoyzWHACKERS Won by 8 WicketsChandu Kondur
752012-08-1115:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgShaheen Vs DesiboyzShaheen Won by 5 WicketsDeepak Matta
762012-08-1208:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 32 RunsTejas Patel
772012-08-1211:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs ChallengersChallengers Won by 8 WicketsPhani Bommana
782012-08-1215:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs YCCHACC Won by 8 WicketsDivyang - DK Patel
792012-08-2515:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgYCC Vs WHACKERSYCC Won by 6 WicketsManish Patel
802012-08-2608:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgKingsXI Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 17 RunsNilesh Patel
812012-08-2611:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs DesiboyzFCC Won by 8 WicketsMukundan Doraiswamy
822012-09-0908:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 54 RunsAkash Patel
832012-09-0811:30:00Lower Field, HarrisburgFCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 6 WicketsVinod Patel
842012-09-1514:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgYCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 1 WicketsKrutarth Mehta
852012-09-2214:00:00Lower Field, HarrisburgHACC Vs LAGAANHACC Won by 3 RunsKrutarth Mehta

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