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2011 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Scores
No.DateTimeVenueMatchupResultMan of Match
12011-04-3008:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs KingsXIWHACKERS Won by 48 RunsRavi Rayala
22011-04-3011:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs ChallengersChallengers Won by 4 WicketsJagadeesh Burgula
42011-05-0108:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs FCCLAGAAN Won by 14 RunsPritesh Patel
52011-05-0111:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs HCCDesiboyz Won by 24 RunsAli Raza
72011-05-0708:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs UCCHCC Won by 3 WicketsJuzer Rangoonwala
82011-05-0711:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 5 WicketsMahipal Shekhawat
102011-05-0808:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs KingsXILAGAAN Won by 19 RunsNiraj Parekh
112011-05-0811:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs YCCDesiboyz Won by 67 RunsAli Raza
122011-05-0815:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs HACCHACC Won by 5 WicketsAnkit Shah
132011-05-1408:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs HersheyFCC Won by 6 WicketsGurpreet Singh
142011-05-1411:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs WHACKERSShaheen Won by 1 WicketsAsad Ali
192011-05-2108:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 26 RunsNitesh Khanna
202011-05-2111:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs FCCChallengers Won by 3 WicketsJagadeesh Burgula
212011-05-2115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHershey Vs KingsXIKingsXI Won by 61 RunsPachica Vikram
222011-05-2208:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 9 WicketsNilesh Patel
232011-05-2211:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs DesiboyzShaheen Won by 4 WicketsTejas Patel
252011-06-0409:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 2 RunsPartha Talluri
262011-06-0408:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs FCCFCC Won by 6 WicketsShahbaz Malik
272011-06-0411:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs UCCUCC Won by 12 RunsAfrid Irani
292011-06-0508:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs WHACKERSLAGAAN Won by 4 WicketsVinod Patel
302011-06-0511:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs ChallengersDesiboyz Won by 22 RunsAli Raza
312011-06-0515:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs HersheyHACC Won by 80 RunsKrutarth Mehta
322011-06-1109:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs KingsXIYCC Won by 1 WicketsAnand Modali
332011-06-1108:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs CCCChallengers Won by 49 RunsJagadeesh Burgula
342011-06-1111:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 39 RunsChandu Thamballa
362011-06-1208:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHershey Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 43 RunsNiraj Parekh
372011-06-1211:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs HCCShaheen Won by 6 WicketsMahipal Shekhawat
382011-06-1215:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs HACCDesiboyz Won by 4 WicketsMatthew Meakin
392011-06-1809:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 22 RunsRaja Devara
402011-06-1808:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs HersheyHCC Won by 4 WicketsJuzer Rangoonwala
412011-06-1811:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs ShaheenUCC Won by 71 RunsAfrid Irani
422011-06-1815:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs CCCCCC Won by 2 WicketsGayan Wijeratne
432011-06-1908:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs ChallengersLAGAAN Won by 3 WicketsNilesh Patel
452011-06-1915:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs FCCHACC Won by 38 RunsAkash Patel
462011-06-2509:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs UCCYCC Won by 6 WicketsAshok Rajagopal
472011-06-2508:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs HCCKingsXI Won by 64 RunsShahbaz Malik
482011-06-2511:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHershey Vs CCCCCC Won by 5 WicketsLaxman Buddineni
502011-06-2608:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs FCCFCC Won by 16 RunsSudhakar K
512011-06-2611:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs DesiboyzWHACKERS Won by 12 RunsRaja Devara
522011-06-2615:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs HACCLAGAAN Won by 2 RunsNilesh Patel
532011-07-0909:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs FCCFCC Won by 27 RunsBhaskar Gupta
542011-07-0908:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs KingsXIChallengers Won by 4 WicketsJagadeesh Burgula
552011-07-0911:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs HersheyShaheen Won by 6 WicketsAsad Ali
572011-07-1008:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 25 RunsDinesh Purohit
582011-07-1011:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 8 WicketsMatthew Meakin
592011-07-1015:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 6 WicketsKrutarth Mehta
602011-07-1609:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 19 RunsDinesh Purohit
612011-07-1608:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 6 WicketsAbid Khan
622011-07-1611:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs HersheyChallengers Won by 4 WicketsKandarp K
632011-07-1615:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs WHACKERSUCC Won by 2 WicketsMalli Tangella
642011-07-1708:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 59 RunsPorus Irani
652011-07-1711:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs DesiboyzFCC Won by 6 WicketsSudhakar K
672011-07-2309:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs ShaheenYCC Won by 4 RunsAshok Rajagopal
682011-07-2308:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs UCCUCC Won by 52 RunsMalli Tangella
692011-07-2311:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs ChallengersWHACKERS Won by 7 RunsNitesh Khanna
712011-07-2408:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 16 RunsShani Magia
722011-07-2411:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHershey Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 88 RunsAli Raza
732011-07-2415:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs CCCHACC Won by 74 RunsKrutarth Mehta
742011-07-3009:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs CCCYCC Won by 70 RunsRajesh Devineni
752011-07-3008:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs ShaheenChallengers Won by 27 RunsKandarp K
762011-07-3011:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs UCCFCC Won by 25 RunsSudhakar K
782011-07-3108:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHershey Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 5 WicketsNitesh Khanna
792011-07-3111:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs LAGAANDesiboyz Won by 3 RunsShine Gopinath
802011-07-3115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs KingsXIHACC Won by 142 RunsAkash Patel
812011-08-0609:30:00Cousler Park YorkYCC Vs ChallengersYCC Won by 55 RunsKapil Gami
822011-08-0608:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 10 RunsNidhin Benjamin
862011-08-0711:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by Abandoned Game Rule
882011-08-1310:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PACCC Vs FCCFCC Won by 5 WicketsGurpreet Singh
912011-08-1415:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs HACCHACC Won by 44 RunsNilesh Patel
922011-08-2010:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAFCC Vs WHACKERSFCC Won by 1 WicketsSubodh Kanade
932011-08-2013:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 77 RunsAli Raza
942011-08-2110:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs HACCChallengers Won by 3 WicketsPhani Bommana
952011-08-2113:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAYCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 5 WicketsNilesh Patel
962011-09-1010:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAFCC Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 4 WicketsSham Ali
972011-09-1014:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PAChallengers Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 23 RunsNiraj Parekh
982011-09-1710:00:00LowerField, Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 4 WicketsNiraj Parekh

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