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2010 PAUCA Tennis Ball Cricket League Scores
No.DateTimeVenueMatchupResultMan of Match
12010-05-0808:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs StrikersStrikers Won by 6 WicketsGunjan Patel
22010-05-0811:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs LAGAANKingsXI Won by 77 RunsNiraj Patel
32010-05-0815:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs FCCCLPSS Won by 107 RunsAdnan Jilani
42010-05-0909:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs UCCLAGAAN Won by 14 RunsPraveen Oleti
52010-05-0915:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs HACCHACC Won by 40 RunsParesh Patel
62010-05-1508:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs ShaheenLAGAAN Won by 6 WicketsNiraj Parekh
72010-05-1511:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 13 RunsBhaskar Bommineni
82010-05-1515:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs StrikersStrikers Won by 6 WicketsVinod Patel
92010-05-1609:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs KingsXIHCC Won by 7 WicketsSriram Shanmugavelandy
102010-05-1615:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs YCCHACC Won by 4 WicketsNilesh Patel
112010-05-2208:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs HCCHCC Won by 7 RunsShashi kiran Palakodeti
122010-05-2211:30:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs ShaheenWHACKERS Won by 13 RunsAkash Patel
132010-05-2215:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs YCCDesiboyz Won by 48 RunsAdnan Jilani
142010-05-2309:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 25 RunsDinesh Purohit
152010-05-2315:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 6 WicketsAkash Patel
162010-06-0509:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 55 RunsPhani Bommana
172010-06-0509:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 7 WicketsAli Raza
182010-06-0515:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs UCCUCC Won by 34 RunsShammuga Narayanan
192010-06-0609:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs StrikersStrikers Won by 75 RunsVinod Patel
202010-06-0615:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs FCCFCC Won by 5 WicketsSenthil Muthiah
212010-06-1209:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs KingsXIYCC Won by 33 RunsKushagra Dave
222010-06-1209:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs StrikersStrikers Won by 27 RunsRaj Patel
232010-06-1215:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 2 WicketsMurali Varma
242010-06-1309:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 39 RunsAli Raza
252010-06-1315:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs UCCHACC Won by 74 RunsAnkit Shah
262010-06-1909:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 7 WicketsPorus Irani
272010-06-1909:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs UCCFCC Won by 9 WicketsMukundan Doraiswamy
282010-06-1915:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs DesiboyzLAGAAN Won by 8 WicketsDinesh Purohit
292010-06-2009:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs ShaheenShaheen Won by 2 WicketsAbid Khan
312010-06-2609:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs UCCUCC Won by 4 WicketsNikesh Penumalli
322010-06-2609:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs FCCFCC Won by 7 WicketsSenthil Muthiah
332010-06-2615:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs StrikersDesiboyz Won by 25 RunsAli Raza
342010-06-2709:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs KingsXIWHACKERS Won by 4 WicketsNehal Shah
352010-06-2715:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PALAGAAN Vs HACCLAGAAN Won by 44 RunsBhavin Patel
362010-07-1009:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs StrikersStrikers Won by 6 WicketsVinod Patel
372010-07-1009:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs HCCHCC Won by 6 WicketsRaja Devara
382010-07-1015:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 41 RunsAli Raza
392010-07-1109:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs ShaheenUCC Won by 4 WicketsSrinivas Chaganti
402010-07-1115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHACC Vs KingsXIHACC Won by 8 WicketsAkash Patel
412010-07-1709:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 66 RunsNiraj Parekh
422010-07-1709:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs FCCStrikers Won by 16 RunsRaj Patel
432010-07-1715:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs KingsXIUCC Won by 7 WicketsTasnif Rehman
442010-07-1809:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAShaheen Vs HCCHCC Won by 8 WicketsMatthew Meakin
452010-07-1815:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs HACCHACC Won by 4 WicketsAkash Patel
462010-07-2409:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs ShaheenYCC Won by 29 RunsSukhdeep Mahil
472010-07-2409:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAWHACKERS Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 4 WicketsDinesh Purohit
482010-07-2415:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PADesiboyz Vs HCCDesiboyz Won by 24 RunsAli Raza
492010-07-2509:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs FCCFCC Won by 1 WicketsMushraf Jawed
502010-07-2515:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs HACCHACC Won by 4 WicketsAkash Patel
512010-07-3109:00:00Cousler Park York PAYCC Vs FCCFCC Won by 7 WicketsSenthil Muthiah
522010-07-3109:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAKingsXI Vs LAGAANLAGAAN Won by 8 WicketsDinesh Purohit
532010-07-3115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs WHACKERSWHACKERS Won by 7 RunsPraveen Oleti
542010-08-0109:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAUCC Vs DesiboyzDesiboyz Won by 116 RunsAli Raza
552010-08-0115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAHCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 10 RunsAkash Patel
562010-08-2110:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs LAGAANFCC Won by 11 RunsGurpreet Singh
572010-08-2115:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs WHACKERSStrikers Won by 38 RunsVinod Patel
582010-08-2810:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs DesiboyzStrikers Won by 5 WicketsVicky Bharwani
592010-08-2815:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAFCC Vs HACCHACC Won by 4 WicketsAkash Patel
602010-09-1110:00:00Lower Field Harrisburg PAStrikers Vs HACCHACC Won by 3 WicketsAkash Patel

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