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Fate made us make the journey from the South Asian sub-continent to central PA, and we brought with us our culture, our language, our food, and most importantly, the spirit of cricket.

Cricket - the sport, the passion, the dream - a string that binds us together; beyond and in spite of our diversities. The enthusiasm of cricket was nurtured across the region, although not coordinated.

The PA United Cricket Association (PAUCA) was instituted to provide a united and organized front for the sport of cricket; a collective effort for cricket players and enthusiasts to enjoy the sport and to promote the sport in the area; an attempt to leverage the enthusiasm to address issues related to the sport.

The mission statement of PAUCA reads: To organize, facilitate and promote the sport of Cricket in PA. The objectives of PAUCA also include participating in community building activities and participating in charity events.

The affinity for the sport helps to build communities around the sport, promotes friendship and camaraderie, defines character and, above all, provides a feeling of home away from home. Ours is a great sport and it is upon us to make it better!

The Pennsylvania United Cricket Association is a project of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor.

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